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OMCN Hydraulic Press - ( 30, 50, & 100 Ton )


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  • Compact and sturdy structure fully made of welded steel.
  • Shafts made of specially treated and chromium-plated steel.
  • Spring made of steel inside the cylinder for a rapid return of the shaft.
  • Two-speed manual pump: fast when approaching and precise when working.
  • Knob on the pump to control both speeds.
  • Winch to raise easily and quickly the workbench.
  • Supplied with a large diameter manometer.

      P30/SA 30T

      • Loading weight of 30000 Kg
      • A(mm) 2180
      • B(mm) 600
      • C(mm) 1300
      • D(mm) 695
      • E(mm) 1000
      • F(mm) 170
      • G(mm) 190
      • H(mm) 60


          158 50T

          • Loading weight of 50000 Kg
          • A(mm) 2260
          • B(mm) 850
          • C(mm) 1420
          • D(mm) 770
          • E(mm) 1135
          • F(mm) 210
          • G(mm) 190
          • H(mm) 60


            160 100T

            • Loading weight of 100000 Kg
            • A(mm) 2440
            • B(mm) 900
            • C(mm) 1740
            • D(mm) 1010
            • E(mm) 1055
            • F(mm) 285
            • G(mm) 215
            • H(mm) 110


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                      OMCN Hydraulic Press - 30, 50, & 100 Ton Auto Supply Master

                      OMCN Hydraulic Press - ( 30, 50, & 100 Ton )

                      From GH₵62,750.00


                      P30/SA 30T


                      158 50T


                      160 100T



                      • 30 Ton
                      • 50 Ton
                      • 100 Ton
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